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Animal Trapping
this page may contain graphic violence such as injuries from cruel traps. Pictures were taken from trappers forums not ARA site, so I can prove my evidence are true because the pictures are from directly the hick trappers.
this page may expand in size with time...
Will express my views on this extremely sadistic sport and also random people's reaction.
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First will grab some stuff from wikipedia and telling what is animal trapping? Lots of people probably doesn't know what is it because it sounds like a historical and forgotten thing. (HERE)
Animal trapping, or simply trapping,
is the use of a device to remotely catch an animal. Animals may be trapped for a variety of purposes, including food, wildlife management, hunting, and pest control. Trapping may also specify the capture of mammals for their furs which may be sold or bartered in the fur trade, or which may used for making clothing and other articles.

Use of traps

Trapping requires time and energy but can be very efficient. Trapping may be safe and inexpensive for the trapper, but in modern times it has become controversial, because of its alleged cruelty. In part to address these concerns, in 1996, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, an organization made up of state and federal fish and wildlife agency professionals, began testing traps and compiling recommendations “to improve and modernize the technology of trapping through scientific research” known as Best Management Practices. As of October 2008, best management practice recommendations for trapping 10 common furbearers had been published.
Trapping is regularly used for pest control most commonly of beaver, coyote, raccoon, cougar, bobcat, Virginia opossum, fox, rat, mouse and mole in order to limit damage to households, food supplies, farming, ranching, and property. Proponents claim that trapping can reduce numbers of predators in order to increase the populations of quarry species for hunting. They also claim that it can be used to control over population. Trapping is also used for research and relocation of wildlife. Federal authorities in the United States use trapping as the primary means to control predators that prey on endangered species such as the San Joaquin kit fox (Vulpes macrotis mutica), California least tern (Sterna antillarum browni) and desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii).
Many wildlife biologists support the use of regulated trapping for sustained harvest of some species of furbearers. They claim that trapping can be an effective method of managing or studying furbearers, controlling damage caused by furbearers, and at times reducing the spread of harmful diseases. These biologists believe that regulated trapping is a safe, efficient, and practical means of capturing individual animals without impairing the survival of furbearer populations or damaging the environment. They also support regulatory and educational programs, research to evaluate trap performance and the implementation of improvements in trapping technology in order to improve animal welfare.
Despite regulations, negligent trappers sometimes leave traps unattended for long periods of time and trap animals out of season, leading to fines, restitution and trapping license revocations.

Unwanted catches

Trappers can employ a variety of devices and strategies to limit this problem. Trappers claim that if a non-target animal is caught, such as a dog, bobcat or lynx, it can be released without harm. A careful choice of lures may help draw wanted catch, and discourage the unwanted. Even if a variety of strategies, and careful choice of lures is applied, trappers cannot guarantee that unwanted animals won't be caught. Setting correctly and with in the laws all unwanted catches should be released unharmed.
Other exclusion devices exist for snares. The catching of non-target animals can be minimized through the use of devices that exclude animals larger than the target animal. Deer stops are designed to release leg-snared deer and cattle, and are required for snare usage in many states of the USA. Precautions can be taken in the case of small animals as well. One UK report stated that researchers using 1.65 mm smooth wire, instead of the larger 2 mm standard wire, had brown hares caught about as frequently as foxes, with about half of those hares being released unharmed, (section 2.7) The UK report goes on to say that using the standard, larger wire in addition to equipping the snares with rabbit stops eliminated the unwanted catch of brown hares.

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Animal trapping methods (source)

Animal trapping methods used to catch fur bearing animals are tailored to the species and habitat of the animal. The trapper must consider the types of bait and the size of trap to be used, the placement of the trap and where the fur-bearing animal is most likely to be caught. The success of which is often due to the trapper's personal experience and familiarity with the habits of the animal and the terrain. Conscientious and experienced trappers also take care that the trap is not in such place that it will be sprung by a non-target animal nor will it attract the attention of people. A responsible trapper will check his traps at least once a day, and will be ready to quickly despatch a trapped animal if it is still alive.
Although there are a variety of traps used for different purposes, this article focuses on the trapping of fur-bearing animals, and thus relies on foothold traps and conibear traps, though the utility of other types of traps will be discussed.


In North America and in other parts of the world with cold climates such as northern Europe or Siberia, there is a long history of trapping small to large sized fur-bearing animals such as beaver, otter, raccoons, coyotes, muskrats, rabbits, fox, oppossums, skunks, weasels, wolves, bears and mink. Native Americans have employed a variety of traps that were made of natural materials such as deadfalls, snares, nets, trapping pits, and fish weirs.
In the early 17th century steel leg hold traps were made by blacksmiths. In the early 19th century blacksmiths made animal leg hold traps for Mountain men. Soon after, commercially available factory-made animal traps became available.
Trappers traditionally operate alone or with a partner.

The thing is they say nothing about dispatching animals on wikipedia.

Majorities of trappers will stomp, beat and chest compression to the trapped animal. Some may use gun but on their forums they don't want because it makes bloody mess, fear of disease etc. To preserve skull they will do the most inhumane dispatching methods, chest compression and sometime strangle poll. Many will drown beavers which takes 10-15 minutes for the beaver to drown because they can hold their breathe for around 10-15 minutes. They even probably drown non aquatic animals such as raccoons because I often see raccoons in the water extremely dirty and dead half-submerge in the water with no bullet hole on them.
Also wildlife management thing is a SCAM. Is us that needs to be culled. I find it disgusting when man preache at wildlife population while we do the same and I call that hypocrisy more on our population that should be controlled. (HERE) People crying about wildlife population and disease but saying about human population and disease are hypocrite. The thing of trapping helps wildlife maintaining a healthy population is a BOGUS scam. Animals existed longer than man and didn't committed self-genocide and also trappers take mostly healthy population and rarely the sick. I don't call it making population healthy. They leave the sick animals so they can make some of the other healthy sick so trappers can keep their excuse alive and get away with profit and pleasure over the suffering of animals (zoosadism). Like wiki in category says trapping belongs to animal cruelty because trapping is cruel and sadistic toward animals.

Also traps were originally invented to trap humans (man traps) and now they reduced its size for animals.
So trappers uses something that was originally invented to injure or kill trespassers, no wonder why trappers are violent, sociopath and hermit toward their fellow humans who oppose trapping or are neutral.

Here is one inhumane dispatching method they use without making "bloody mess" (HERE) it's a forum thread.
They use soo called "choking poll" or whatever they call this snare-like thing. It is just inhumane as hanging.
Cruel trapping dispatching videos from investigation.
BornfreeUSA formerly known as "Animal Protection Institute" or API are investigating trappers and their cruel dispatching methods. (HERE) This will bring you outside of my site and on youtube search with all their videos regarding cruel trapping. WARNING THESE VIDEOS ARE EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE.
Also these stupid egoistical trappers when they see these truth telling videos and even cruel video posted by other trappers on youtube will say "oohh oh those videos are from inexperienced trappers" They will defend themselves with lies. Like how come trappers normally NEVER post video of animals getting dispatched?
Is because that is cruel just like those videos that the ARA are posting for debunking / exposing the cruelty of trapping. So it prove trappers are soo dishonest. arrogant and apathetic hermited oxymoron hicks..
The videos are called Trapping Investigation.
Acetone dispatching are NOT humane, it causes a slow and painful death.
First I thought acetone caused an instant death but when I stumble on a hick trapper's video about dispatching a skunk with acetone I watched the TWO parts of his vid and it was shocking that acetone took nearly 3 mins to kill the skunk.
Link with all the sourceful videos. (HERE)
Views on trapping from another encyclopedia
trapping, most broadly, the use of mechanical or deceptive devices to capture, kill, or injure animals. It may be applied to the practice of using birdlime to capture birds, lobster pots to trap lobsters, and seines to catch fish. Usually, however, trapping means the capture of land animals larger than rodents by means of deadfall, pitfall, and, especially in modern times, spring-snapped, steel-jawed steel traps. In societies where hunting and fishing are the staple occupations, trapping is used to supply food and, in colder climates, furs for clothing. Since antiquity trapping has been the basis of the fur trade (see fur). It still occupies a great many people over large sections of the globe, especially in the colder regions, such as N Siberia and N Canada. Trapping has also been used to rid an area of animals thought to endanger the lives of human beings or domestic animals. Spurred by bounty laws, the practice of trapping in the United States in the 19th cent. helped lead to the extinction or near-extinction of many mammals, such as various species of bears, mountain lions, wolves, and coyotes. Modern game management frowns upon trapping and recognizes the importance of predators in the ecosystem. Such trapping as is permitted today in the United States is strictly regulated by law. See wildlife refuge; endangered species.
Britain are more civil than Canada and USA in animal rights

I think is written by a British encyclopedia, They have better animal welfare than USA and Canada. USA has some of the WORST animal welfare on the planet, same for Canada.
Norway has some of the best animal welfare on Earth. USA are mostly founded by Christian fundamentalist and you remember as Christianity of being the WORST religion on the planet because is anthropocentric and speciesism (HERE) Will express the reason why I hate this horrid religion soo much and it is obvious many trappers are hardcore Christian mostly and are slaves to someone else opinion and WORST is they never met those losers who invented that bloody religion (HERE) for information.
I don't hate Christians except deep belivers, terrorist and fundamentalists. Trappers and sportsmen who are deep Christians alway repeat themselves about saying
"god put animals for our use", "god gave dominion over land and seas" use this stupid Adam and Eve Creationism nonsense saying god use animals to dress these 2 fictional characters. Totally asinine.
That is speciesism, I see that as a HATE crime. Using a religion to indulge in sadism and treating animals bad as possible is VERY WRONG. I despise human supremacist religion because is disrespect toward other species.
We share the planet and we SHOULD respect other lifeform, There is this thing called EGO vs ECO. Anthropocentrism is EGO. Biocentrism is ECO. Here is a famous picture from World Pantheism Movement and IUCN. I saw on their facebook and or blogs (HERE). Biocentrism means caring for ALL life. (HERE).
Yes I am from Canada and I am NOT ashamed to admit it that MY country has one of the WORST animal welfare in the universe. Well some part of Canada has better animal welfare but NOT much places. I think California USA has better welfare since is one of the state that banned leghold/foothold etc.
--Trapping's darkside--
Trapping: New Mexico's Dirty Little Wildlife Secret (Source) (Source2)

A 2005 survey of New Mexicans reveals that, across the board, a strong majority (63%) are against trapping on our public lands.

Body-grip trapping, a cruel and barbaric method of capturing small wildlife for pelts, meat, or animal control, is still conducted in New Mexico (including on public lands), though a strong majority of New Mexicans want to see the practiced limited or banned outright.

A 2005 statewide survey of New Mexicans reveals that 63% of voters are against trapping on public lands. The survey also showed that 59% of New Mexicans are not aware or believe wrongly that trapping is illegal on public lands.

Only 22% of survey respondents opposed a ban on public lands trapping. And, in any given year, less than 2,200 trapping permits are sold in New Mexico, to less than one-tenth of one percent of the population. Simply put, New Mexicans support ending the reckless and indiscriminate practice of trapping on New Mexico's public lands, regardless of gender,
ethnicity, political leanings, or recreational hobbies.

At least 14 endangered Mexican wolves have been gravely injured by traps since 2002 (Photo: USFWS)
More information on trapping in New Mexico
What is trapping?

APNM is opposed to trapping that is used to both capture and kill animals. This does not include live-trapping methods used by biologists to temporarily capture animals for study. Profit-driven trappers capture wildlife in order to sell their furs, although some people do it to "control" wildlife, and others trap as a hobby.

All traps snap shut in response to pressure on the trigger mechanism. They are unable to distinguish among wildlife, companion animals, or people.

There are three types of traps currently legal in New Mexico: steel leg-hold, steel Conibear, and wire snares.

Steel leg-hold traps come in two forms: coil-spring and long-spring. Both of these traps are "sprung" by a pan trigger in the middle of the trap. Pressure on the pan releases the jaws of the trap to shut on whatever part of the body is exposed. The traps are extremely strong, occasionally breaking limbs and often cutting off circulation to the part of the body caught in the trap, leaving permanent damage.

Conibear traps are shaped in a small square. These traps are triggered by wires within the middle of the trap. Conibears are designed to crush the heads of wildlife, supposedly killing the animal quickly. Yet very often, these traps fail to kill the animal immediately because the trap closes on the mid-section or does not close with enough pressure. In these traps, domestic dogs have had their snouts broken and held until they have starved to death. Conibears often are used in water so that wildlife is held until drowning.

Snares are made of metal wire or plastic and are placed in a loop so that after an animal places a part of the body in the loop, the snare tightens on the animal as he/she struggles. Very often limbs are damaged due to the struggles of the animal, and either permanent damage is done to the animal due to a loss of circulation, or the animal chews off his/her limb to escape.

What are the rules for trapping?

In New Mexico, traps may be encountered year-round. There are no bag limits for animals, trap limits by number, or game unit restrictions. Trapping is allowed on public lands (state, National Forest, or BLM lands) and is restricted by location only in the following ways:

• outside 25 yards of a hiking trail designated by the agency on a map provided for the general public;
• 25 yards of the shoulder of any public road annually maintained with public funds; 50 yards of a
livestock/wildlife watering area;
• or one-quarter mile of a dwelling, public campground, or rest-, picnic-, or boat-launching area
• Exceptions: no trapping in Los Alamos Co., Rio Grande Recreation Area in Taos Co., Valle Vidal Unit of the
Carson National Forest, McGregor Military Range, or Valles Caldera National Preserve
State law requires that traps be checked every 24 hours by the trapper or a representative of the trapper. Traps must be marked either with the trapper's name and address, or a trapper ID number (provided free by New Mexico Department of Game and Fish [NMDGF]). There is no requirement for trap locations to be shared with Game Wardens, land management authorities, or the public. Similarly, trappers are not required to post warning signs on public lands so that people can protect their children and companion animals. Coyotes and skunks may be trapped year-round without a license. Trapping other wildlife requires a $20 license from NMDGF, with half-year seasons in the fall, winter, and spring.

What animals are trapped?

In New Mexico, there are legal trapping seasons for badgers, beavers, bobcats, coyotes, fox, muskrats, nutrias, raccoons, ringtail cats, squirrels, and weasels. Coyotes and skunks can be trapped year round. There are no legal trapping seasons for birds, black bears, coatimundis, deer, javelinas, mountain lions, pine martens, wolves, or threatened or endangered species, but they are often trapped as "by-catch” animals, as are domestic dogs and cats. Trappers are not penalized or fined for killing by-catch animals.

Why oppose trapping?

Trapping is cruel and barbaric.
Animals are often wounded but not killed when the traps are sprung on them, leaving them to suffer for hours or days until the trapper returns. If the animal is alive, they are generally beaten or strangled to death rather than shot to preserve the quality of the fur.

Traps are indiscriminate.

A trap cannot distinguish between the target animal and an endangered species, domestic dog, or a human. A trap is designed to securely capture or kill and can leave permanent physical damage to anything that gets caught. In this way, trapping is a major public safety hazard.

Trapping puts the ecosystem at risk.
A trapper with a permit is allowed as many animals as he/she can catch—there are no bag limits or quotas. Regulations on trapping are loosely enforced and state wildlife authorities cannot maintain an accurate count of trapping’s toll on wildlife. For the 2009-10 trapping season, NM Department of Game & Fish reports that only 28% of trapping permitees reported their trap counts for the agency’s mandatory harvest survey. Neither the agency nor the public has a clear understanding of how many and what kind of animals are being trapped.

What are the latest New Mexico wildlife trapping statistics?

Trapping statistics from 2006-10 can be accessed at the website of the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish (NMDGF).

NMDGF reports that 9,881 target animals were trapped during the 2009-10 trapping season. This figure does not include “by-catch” (a.k.a. non-target) animals. However, trapping is woefully underreported in New Mexico, leaving no clear evidence to its effects on the ecosystem. For the 2009-10 season, 551 permittees (comprising only 28.6% of the licensed trappers in New Mexico) reported their trap counts to NMDGF. In the two previous seasons, only 58% of trappers reported in the agency’s mandatory “harvest survey.” On public lands, many of which are designated as wildlife habitat, this unregulated trapping may be having a catastrophic effect on native species. The only certainty in New Mexico trapping is thousands or even tens of thousands more animals are being killed than what is officially reported.

More information on hunting and trapping in New Mexico can be found here (pdf).

The Economics of New Mexico Trapping and Wildlife

2004 Trapping, Wildlife, and Tourism Statistics (Source: NMDGF)

767 estimated trappers in New Mexico (95% in-state)
7,344 target animals trapped (by-catch unknown)
$671,000 generated by trapping (licenses, equipment, pelt sales)


449,000 New Mexicans active in wildlife viewing
387,000 tourists visit New Mexico for wildlife viewing
$384,000,000 generated by wildlife-watching in New Mexico (travel, equipment, fees)

The Trapping Myths
“Trapping helps to control predators.”
Many in the agricultural and ranching industries make this argument. However, research indicates that trapping does very little in reducing livestock losses to wildlife, which, according to the USDA, only account for 4% of total livestock losses in New Mexico. Berger (2006) and Baker et al (2008) demonstrated that coyote eradication programs have little effect on reducing livestock depredations. Further, limits on trapping may actually increase livestock yields. Colorado, after restricting public lands trapping, saw a 62% decrease in sheep depredations between 1994 and 2004.

“If you prohibit trapping on public lands, hunting will be next.”
This argument is a common scare tactic by trappers to enlist hunting permittees, which are far more numerous (less than 2,000 trapping permits are sold every year in New Mexico). However, according to a 2005 survey of New Mexicans by Research & Polling, Inc., 52% of hunters favor prohibiting trapping on public lands, while only 33% oppose it. Hunters and their companion animals, like all of the public, are at risk of injury from unmarked traps in public lands.

“Trapping is a traditional way of life.”
This argument, while not a myth, does not reflect the evolving priorities for public lands in New Mexico. Today, people utilize public lands for a variety of purposes, with outdoor sports and recreational wildlife-viewing now the primary revenue-generators on New Mexico public lands (see The Economics of New Mexico Trapping and Wildlife).

Wildlife in New Mexico have a right to live without the threat of being trapped and suffering in pain for hours or days between two pieces of crushing steel. Also, people deserve to enjoy our public lands without fear of harm from traps to themselves, their children, or companion animals.


Baker, P. J., B. Luigi, S. Harris, G. Saunders, and P. C. L. White. 2008. Terrestrial carnivores and human food production: impact and management. Mammal Review 38:123-166.
Berger, K. M. 2006. Carnivore-Livestock Conflicts: Effects of Subsidized Predator Control and Economic Correlates on the Sheep Industry. Conservation Biology 20:751-761.
National Agricultural Statistics Service, USDA
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 2001, National and State Economic Impacts of Wildlife-Watching

Have you ever encountered a trap in New Mexico? Help us change trapping regulations in New Mexico by sharing your experience with APNM’s Wildlife Campaign Manager.

Trapping The Inside Story (source pdf file)

Four million wild animals are killed in the United States each year by 160,000 part-time trappers supplying pelts to the fashion industry. A decade ago the situation was even worse: seventeen million wild fur-bearing animals were killed by 300,000 trappers. Urban sprawl and the public’s revulsion to trapping and wearing fur are responsible for the decline. Still, four million animals trapped for fashion is four million too many; it’s a fact that puts the United States among the top three producers (along with Canada and Russia) of wild-caught animal pelts. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is strongly opposed to the commercial and recreational trapping of wild animals for their fur. Trapping uses inhumane devices to inflict pain and suffering on animals.


The Steel-Jaw Leghold Trap What is it?

The steel-jaw leghold trap is a cruel, antiquated device designed to capture and hold an animal by a limb so as not to damage the pelt. Also called a foothold or restraining trap by its proponents, this trap is used to capture foxes, coyotes, raccoons, and other fur-bearing animals. The trap’s two spring-powered, metaljaws slam shut when an animal steps on its trigger. Both the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association have declared the steel-jaw leghold trap to be inhumane, yet it continues to be the most commonly used trap in the United States.

What does it do to the animal?

Animals caught by the heavy steel jaws of the leghold trap suffer excruciating pain on impact; the trap can tear the flesh, cut tendons and ligaments, and break bones. When the animals struggle to free themselves, they aggravate their injuries. A trapped animal often chews or twists off the limb caught in the trap in an effort to escape—29 percent of the raccoons observed in one study did this. Some traps have “teeth” on the jaws, which add to the physical trauma. Trapped animals may struggle in pain for days. Dehydration, blood loss, hypothermia, and predation by other animals may claim their lives before the trapper returns. Standard methods of killing trapped animals in
clude clubbing with a shovel or metal pipe and standing on the chest to cause suffocation. A number of state-issued trapping manuals aimed at young and novice trappers recommend these techniques. Leghold traps are also set underwater or set so that the animal is pulled underwater. Traps set this way are referred to as drowning sets. The animals—mostly minks, muskrats, beavers, raccoons, and otters—struggle for several minutes before they die. The AVMA has declared death by drowning to be inhumane.

The Body-Crushing Trap

What is it?
The body-crushing trap, also called a body-gripping or Conibear® trap, is used to trap beavers and muskrats underwater and martens, fishers, raccoons, and other fur-bearing animals on land. These traps are made of two metal rectangular jaws hinged at the sides with a spring affixed to one or both sides. When an animal walks or swims through the center of the rectangles and brushes up against the trigger, the trap’s jaws close with a scissor-like action on the animal’s body.

What does it do to the animal?

It is designed to snap shut on the spinal column at the base of the skull for a “quick kill.” However, the trap often misses this vital spot or does not close with enough force to kill the animal instantly or even render the animal unconscious. The trap’s jaws frequently clamp down on the chest or pelvis, crushing bones, blood vessels, and nerves and causing excruciating pain and a prolonged death.

The Snare

What is it?
Snares are the most primitive, indiscriminate, and inhumane traps used legally in the United States. A snare is simply a wire noose attached at one end to a stake or anchor; it catches an animal either by the neck, midsection of the body, or foot. Most snares today are made by the trappers themselves, either from wire or airplane cable. Snares are cheap, easy to make, easy to transport, easy to abandon in bad weather, and easy to replace if stolen or damaged.

What does it do to the animal?

As the trapped animal struggles, the snare tightens. As with leghold traps, animals caught in leg snares often injure themselves further as they struggle. Neck/body snares strangle their victims or crush their vital organs, leading to an agonizing and often prolonged death. These traps are particularly cruel to their primary targets—coyotes, foxes, and wolves—because the significant musculature around these animals’ tracheas and common carotid arteries slows death.


Traps Are Indiscriminate

Each year traps in the United States injure and kill millions of “nontarget” animals—domestic dogs and cats, rabbits, deer, songbirds, raptors, livestock, and even endangered species. According to a former professional trapper, at least two nontarget animals are trapped for each target animal. Referred to as “trash” animals, nontarget wildlife often are simply thrown away. Injuries from leghold traps are often so severe that the injured limb of a trapped companion animal must be amputated. Body -crushing traps, however, kill many of their unintended victims.

Trapping Is Poorly Regulated

Trapping is largely unregulated, and where restrictions do apply, they are poorly enforced. Most states require that a trap be checked every twenty-four hours, but eight states (Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming) allow a lapse of two or three days; five states (Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Michigan, and North Dakota) have no trap-check requirements. It is not uncommon, in states with regulations and in states with none, for an animal to be left in a trap for weeks because the trapper does not check the trap. (Very few people trap full time; most trap in their spare time.) In most cases trappers do not leave identification on their traps, so trappers cannot be traced or fined for neglecting their traps. Many trapping regulations clearly benefit trappers. It is legal to set traps near schools, neighborhoods, and hiking trails, where they clearly are a safety hazard. In many states it is illegal to disturb a trap in any way, even to release a trapped dog or cat. Only fifteen states require any form of trapper education.

Trapping Does Not “Help” Wildlife

Supporters often claim trapping can be used for wildlife management and to control disease and “nuisance” wildlife. These claims are false. Trapping is not wildlife management. It does not ensure stable, healthy wildlife populations. Trappers claim that they are simply “harvesting” those animals who would die anyhow. However, natural ecological factors such as weather and food supply, as well as wild animals’ innate ability to limit their populations through natural means, are sufficient to create a balance between wildlife populations and their habitats. None the less, trappers are permitted in some states to catch some species, such as the lynx and river otter, whose populations are low. Moreover, there is some indication that healthy animals—who are more active than diseased or otherwise weak animals—are more likely to be caught by traps. Thus, trapping is harmful to animal populations because it removes healthy animals and leaves behind those who are sick.

Trapping does not control disease.

It has never been shown to suppress rabies and may in fact actually facilitate the spread of the disease. Studies show that when trappers reduce the number of animals in an area, other animals fight to establish territories in that area, and fighting spreads disease. In addition, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do not support trapping as a form of disease control. The best way for humans to protect themselves against rabies is to make sure their companion animals are vaccinated and to use reasonable caution around wildlife.

Trapping does not control “nuisance”

wildlife. As the human population expands into wildlife habitats, our encounters with wildlife become more frequent. Tolerance and understanding for the animal members of our communities should be our guides in solving problems between humans and wildlife. Many types of nonlethal humane solutions are available; animal-proof trash containers, chimney caps, hardware cloth, one-way doors, and scare balloons are just a few. The indiscriminate nature of traps makes them dangerous to use in urban and suburban areas.


Trapping is truly a dying industry. Eighty-nine nations have already banned leghold traps, and a nationwide public opinion poll in 1996 found that 74 percent of Americans want leghold traps banned in the United States. Colorado, Florida, and Massachusetts ban both leghold and bodycrushing traps. New Jersey bans the manufacture, use, and possession of legholds. Arizona prohibits snares and does not allow trapping on public lands, which make up 80 percent of the state. Oklahoma bans snares and body-crushing traps. Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont prohibit snares.


Don’t buy clothing made of fur, lined with fur, or trimmed with fur. Don’t buy fur toys or fur decorations.  Solve wildlife conflicts in a humane manner. Encourage others to do the same.  Urge your elected officials to support trap bans or restrictions in your state or community.

Trapping has NO regulations
It is true (HERE)

Trappers will not use dog leash but dictate people to use dog leash or get angry.
Are you sick and tired of these egoistical hicks bashing at people not using leash but not bashing at trappers not using leash because they trap. Also a trapper lost his dog to a conibear (news). Trappers don't care for animals nor people they only USE them. Trappers are hypocrites and BAD people (HERE).
Trappers WASTES animal, they only goes for the fur and throws the rest away.
I always see these damn threads asking "What you do with the carcasses?"
And ok then HERE IS YOUR ANSWER!!!.

Another rip from their forums showing what they do with the rest once the fur is off (HERE)
Many trapped animals are DECLINING in numbers
The link between declining species and trapping. Evidence gathered from IUCN and Wikipedia. Many species trapped such as the American badger, wolverine and spotted skunk are declining. May become endangered in the future if it keeps dropping. But these ungreateful hick trappers will say IUCN never update and are a scam.

Due to a very large amount of stuff I made a link into it. (HERE)
Various people's opinion of trapping.
Source (HERE)

Check out Bruce Hermit I should say. He is those wolf-hating hicks also I bet he is a Christian and he calls Wizard a nutcase?? Maybe Bruce Hermit should look at himself for a minute. He is no better he worships god I bet. Worshiping wolves is at least makes more sense because WOLVES EXISTS and GOD DOESN'T!!!!!.
Ranches / farmers annoys me sometime when they have POOR security against pedators. They don't put mesh fencing but only damn wire fences that you can pass between the wires. I almost think farmers does it on purpose and just wanna draw attention like somekind of an attention whore freak. These wolves are RARE. And as I said if government allows to kill the last 50 wolves in that state. Guess what, trappers WILL do it. Because they don't care for animals future. As I said trappers are larvae of poachers who will poach if told to.
More comments can be seen in (HERE) both from good people and inbred hicks. Also Ethical One is me.

Even some hunters OPPOSE trapping.
Footloose Montana

Welcome to Footloose Montana!

Every year, thousands of steel-jawed leghold traps, body-crushing Conibear traps and throat-choking snares are legally set on Montana’s public lands—all year long. Hundreds of pets, endangered species and other non-target animals are injured or killed in traps.

Footloose Montana provides information about the threat of trapping to public safety on public lands, and its impact on our natural resources.

Please consider making a donation to help us with our mission. Footloose Montana is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. (Goto their site for more in HERE).

Also they've made an anti-trapping video. The video is rather silly but has a point of exposing the cruelty of traps.

What Really Happens to an Animal While in a Trap? (source is PDF file)

Animals have nervous systems that react the same as humans do when we feel pain, ranging
from an initial rise in blood pressure, dilated pupils, perspiration, an increased pulse rate,
writhing and moaning or screaming, and if the stimulus continues, a drop in blood pressure
leading to shock. This is what trappers call “napping.”
Animal behaviorist Desmond Morris says the shock experienced by trapped animals “is difficult
for us to conceive because it is a shock of total lack of understanding of what has happened to
them.” The most terrifying thing to a wild animal is restraint. When caught in a trap or snare,
he/she immediately jumps away from the source of pain and restraint, which can sever tendons,
dislocate joints and break bones. Contrary to the trappers’ belief that the trapped limb becomes
numb, it is a medical fact that the tissue caught in the steel jaws remains a constant source of
extreme pain with every movement of the animal. The animal breaks teeth attacking the metal
and finally will attempt to chew off his own foot to escape the pain. Trappers refer to an
amputated foot commonly found in a trap as a “wring-off.”
Fear and anxiety caused by psychological trauma, significant changes in hormones, enzymes and
electrolytes as well as muscle pH are also part of the stress that trapped animals undergo.
Animals released from traps have reduced survival rates. Research on wolverines suggests that
intense trapping pressure contributed to disruption of the social dynamics of this territorial
The steel-jaw foothold trap, banned in over 80 countries and eight states, and condemned as
inhumane by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Animal Hospital
Association, the World Veterinary Association and the National Animal Control Association, is
the most commonly used trap in the U.S. today.
The Conibear body-gripping trap also comes in several sizes and is commonly set underwater for
muskrats, mink, beaver and river otter. For a Conibear to instantly kill an animal, the animal
must be the correct size and enter the trap at the perfect angle and speed. Otherwise, it’s a slow
death by drowning-induced hypoxia. Otters can dive up to 22 minutes, muskrat, 17 minutes and
beaver 15 minutes. It can take up to 15 minutes for a frantically struggling beaver to lose
consciousness in the Conibear. Because these animals struggle in extreme pain for more than
three minutes before they die, researchers have concluded that these traps don’t meet basic
animal welfare standards and are inhumane.
Wildlife caught in neck snares die of asphyxiation when the wire tightens as the animal tries to
pull free. Trappers refer to a live animal’s head that is swollen by a neck snare blocking blood
delivery to the head as “jelly head.” It’s slow suffocation. FOOTLOOSE MONTANA recently
receive a report of a mountain lion alive for seven days in a snare, it’s kit starved dead at its feet.
There is no research on the trauma snares induce, but released animals frequently die as a result
of the tissue necrosis.
To minimize pelt damage, trappers advocate suffocation, drowning, gassing and beating trapped
animals with clubs. The Trapper Education Manual (2001) advises to kill the animal “by
standing on the animal’s chest to compress organs, which leads to death.”
It’s unacceptable to torture any creature to slow, agonizing death merely for fur, an accessory
luxury item. The great majority of Montanans honor our wildlife. FOOTLOOSE MONTANA
believes trapping is cruel, inhumane and counter to the respect Montanans have for wildlife. It’s
time to ban trapping on our public lands.

Images - Photos courtesy of the Humane Society of the United States unless otherwise noted.
(WARNING GRAPHIC) materials is FAIR use, no commercial nor profit will be made by it also the owner of it will be credited from linking to (THEIR SITE). It is used for EDUCATIONAL purposes NOT commerical.

NON-ARA materials to prove trapping is CRUEL
Many hick trappers lies to the public and say all those blooded trapped animals are staged by ARA and HSUS but trappers are liars . First I will say, I was little skeptism about ARA the pictures trapped animals they've collected so I decided to use my individualism and monitoring trappers forums by playing the watchful hawk and I collected blooded pictures from them and it prove the ARA were getting their materials from trappers forums and telling the truth. Sadly these inbred egocentric hick trappers keep saying they are made up pictures. Trappers are liars, bad parents, abusive parents who brainwash young kids into trapping and the kids have no idea what are traps, some horrid parents make their newborn hold dead animals with potential disease.
WARNING PICTURES ARE GRAPHIC. They come from and mostly other trappers sites.
So again these pictures comes from TRAPPERS sites NOT ARA site. I prove that trapping remains the same and CRUEL toward animals. I even attacked trappers forums by posting these pictures on their site and saying "Check out what kind of people you hicks are" some IDIOTS trappers will say nice catch, nice picture. While their mods will delete the picture and ban the attacker. Links in red means thread were axed by their mods.

Some IDIOT trappers claims I edited these pictures into gorier pictures to defame trappers. I will prove that trappers are the biggest slanderous liars of all time. I will prove I am NOT lying. Even if this page has links to THEIR site. Incase it get deleted in the future because you know old threads on Tman decays after time... I made a VIDEO to prove I am NOT making this up unlikely these stupid hicks claim I lie and photoshop these pictures (HERE)
Mods says KEEP DISPATCHING IN PM ONLY or otherwise they get a warning even a ban.
Even their coward moderator Drifter who is ashamed to be a trapper and forces trappers who are member to hide their dispatch methods throughout via PM shows to have blooded trapped animals too. in some pictures if you look carefully you will see blood, is hard to see because the dead dried grasses.

This no social skill Austin Stroup posted a trapped animal with blood if you can carefully look.
It's not dirt nor mud, it's blood. I'm 100% sure this one never killed any of his calves in his stupid farm.
It amazes me right wing farmers especially trappers are the most dumb, vile, violent and passively aggressive fools.... There are a bunch of butthurt trappers and hunters posting disgusting and disrespectful toward animal pics.
They hate animals and vent their rages toward animals because of a page called Wolf and Coyote Killers Wall Of Shame.. They even fav the page and troll it because sport hunters and trappers have no lives off seasons.
(DATE 02-20-2015)
Source (

This coyote was caught by 2 traps by some scumbag inbred hick and you can notice the blood (dark-red)
(date 12/02/13 4:21 PM)
Pic source :
Source :

Even smallest trap used on coyote causes blood. Puddle of blood to the upper left is probably from being shot or whacked.
(date 12/18/12 12:04 PM)
Pic source :
Source : way down on page 1.

I bet it was a cruel leghold / foothold that brutally damaged this coyote's leg or even amputated it. Amount of blood sounds like its paw was ripped off and blood is fresh. Also this frail out of shape redneck hiding behind this cartoon of Superman is grinning and making fun of it. Trappers indeed hate animals just like sportsmen does. On their hick forums they always make fun of dead animals. How sick is that. They show no respect nor compassion. People like that I will show no sympathy nor any traits of remorse if anything happens to them. SAME as I show no sympathy nor remorse toward sadists that inflict pains on people and pets. This bald frail hick is one sick apathic remorseless horrible human being. I bet if he fights a coyote with his bare hands he'd surely lose and it would make the world a better place if horrible people like that get culls off, no wonder why crime rate is soo high.
Pic source :
Source :
Thread was axed but got it in time. This is what trappers hide from the public. they taunt, make fun of animals and pour soo much hate....

Only a brainless moron will say foot hold / leghold are humane.
Pic source :
Source :

#3447667 - 27 minutes 4 seconds ago I finally caught on without mange
J. Nisly Offline

Registered: 12/19/10
Loc: Hutchinson, KS
I put 6 coyote sets out Saturday and have had a coyote every day. The first two had mange and then today I caught a good one.
On another note I have yet to see a possum but i'm sure that'll change soon.
Is proven trappers do NOT seek to trap sick animals, they obsess on taking the healthy only and mostly hoping not to get sick mangy animals because there are no market. Reason why these stupid hicks want to take the healthy mostly is because the sick animals make more healthy sick so these dumb hicks can use this as a "weapon" to justify sadism and get away with profit trapping, trappers are lobbyists. This loser said finally he got a healthy coyote. Here is this scumbag's post. It's all about karma, one day it will all return to this hick.
Forgot to say, there is quite a bit of blood on its paw, I'd rather see a trapper wounded in traps than innocent animals.

Pic Source
Source :

So this worthless trash is happy that he caught a healthy coyote because guess what.. PROFIT.
More cruel pictures from these subspecies "trappers". These stupid hicks always say traps are humane.
But they're far from humane when it causes blood, bruise, freak accidents to pets, trauma, stress, exhaustion and more. These traps were first used on humans or known as mantraps and they were banned because they were cruel. If is cruel on humans, is cruel on animals. These losers uses something that is descent of savagery.
Also this worthless scumbag White17 says I photoshop these pictures to defame trappers. Check out these urls and tell me if is photoshopped?
I believe in karma and when people does bad things, it all comes back to them.
source :

Looks like these traps are called lil' grizz are inhumane after all you can see the blood. Picture is from this fat racist bigot who makes racial things against Obama and other black people. His nick is Fishguts. A fat despicable racist white supremacist worthless pieces of trash.

Another blooded picture from Tman forums and these traps aside being highly nonselective they cause blooded wounds. Date is 05-14-2012. The blood can be seen, the purple-red horizontal line is blood from a wound.
Sources: 3rd picture.

Source :
DATE Jan 5, 2010, 6:48pm
Inhumane and non-selective traps always cause blood. You can see dark-redish pink on the left edge of the left paw... Blood in the center probably it bled out while struggling to try to free itself. These hicks are soo apathy.

This hick from NTA claims animals do NOT suffer but he is soo full of it.
News source :
Other Sources : Viral on the net. Can be found in many places.
Originally from trapperman website aka the site that abuses animals on their trapline.

Animal abuser nickname is kat-trapper. If you look at the raccoon uber leg you will see a big wound. Probably when it tried pulling itself out the trap slip to its paw and torn a big cut on its arm. Pic was posted on 02-18-2012 but taken on 01-07-2012. Source :
Main source :

Picture SOURCE:
I guess I have higher level of consciousness than these hick trappers because they say nice pic without inspecting it and I found at the very bottom blood about 1 cm from the '12'.

His hick gallery -
You can notice some blood on the trap to the upper paw. And again these stupid inferior species called trappers says nice catch without looking at the picture. Just like those idiotic spammers on youtube saying nice videos without watching them. Is the 5th picture in the post of this zoosadist inferior one paydowncat.

These stupid hermited hick trappers post trapped animals and says nice picture without inspecting it that there IS blood on its paw (brown-red). Or unless they don't give a crap about animal because trapping has NO animal welfare. Fur company says animal welfare are libelous idiots using random words without knowing its meaning.
Torturing animals by beating them with a stick (mostly), drowning them, trapping them is NOT animal welfare.

SOURCE - (edited by mod)
Well the thread got edited because ARA attacked the forums and posted links to this site.

More ammo for the ARA. Traps are unchanged and toothless still causes blood. Brownish is blood.
He posted 2 pics of the coyote. First one had no brownish and second had brownish and was the SAME yote.

His hick gallery -
As I said trappers are the worst parents and child abusers by exposing their kids to REAL violence and they grow up arrogant, violent toward people, dangerous and sociopath close-minded hermits. This hick exposed his very young kid to a trapped coyote in probably severe pain with a heavily blooded foot. Is the 8th picture of a coyote with a very blooded paw. Guess what.. Trap has no teeth and still cause injuries and can cause SERIOUS injuries that will bleed a lot. The child's picture has been heavily blurred to beyond recognition.

Coyote in pain caught by a cruel foot hold / leg hold trap that has NO TEETH. Teeth or not still causes wounds.

It prove leg hold / foot hold traps can BREAK bones, I bet this poor raccoon died of a horrrible death.

SOURCE - THREAD EDITED but picture link still intact
Proving trappers are dishonest and will hide the truth by either deleting or editing the thread.
SOURCE - (edited by mod)
Pic source 1 :
Pic source 2 :
Traps are still bone crushing and I bet that raccoon suffered the worst pain before getting clubbed to death.

Traps still cause injuries even without having teeth.

This is the UN-edited version of the trapped blooded animal.
BUT this lardy-fatty tyranted hick Paul Dobbins in the old days before I attacked their site massively by exposing them used to CUT-Edit pictures that has blooded trapped animals. Now they delete them.

Edited picture. The picture was cut-edited when I took the real one and they discovered in google search about my site, thing I take quotes from their forums and uses against them. My site comes 2nd after theirs because of high visitor rate both from non-trappers and trappers.

Bobcat that was trapped and had an injury on its paw. Picture bellow will show a zoomed version of it.

Showing wounded paw (pink)

Painful toe injury from barbaric traps.

Another coyote suffered bloody injuries from these cruel indiscriminating leg hold traps.

Neck injuries from snare. You can notice the pink is blood on its neck.

Same animal but closer and the pink near its mouth on the side of the head and neck is blood from the snare rubbing it. ITS NOT FROM THE MOUTH because mouth has NO INJURIES.

You can see the blood / bruise on its paw. Hard to see because the darkish fur on its paw.

This coyote has blood on its paw but really hard to see.

Same coyote as above but blood is more noticable. Probably bleed more and blood dried with dirt on it.

You can notice the brownish-red on the paw. Traps are INHUMANE and anyone saying are humane should die of horribly and the most painful way possible.

You can notice the wound on its paw. These animals were put in a cage trap because they wanna bring them to soo called live-market something extremely inhumane and just as bad as animal fighting to train hunting dogs. They use them to train hunting dogs. It is as bad or even worst than canned hunts.

Guess what blood on its paws because these HIGHLY NONSELECTIVE traps cause injuries and trauma etc.

Picture SOURCE -
SOURCE - ......html
Traps aren't getting more humane than that. Check to the left-up. blood, partially exposed flesh and these stupid hicks looked at it without bloodily inspecting the damn picture, so more ammo for the ara (good).
At the end it was beaten with a baseball bat or an hatchet because it had blood on its frontal head but no bullet wound in the head nor body. Yep trappers value fur above ethics, they club the animal to death like a savage.

Something trappers don't want the public to see.

I am sure the raccoon suffered a lot also you can notice some pink on its foot.

Another raccoon fell victim of this sadistic and savagery sport.

Blood on the paw of the Coyote.

Poaching and offseasons kill

These outlawish hicks killed offseason animals and posted on the forums. Yes real smart, smart as giving ammo for the ARA (good guys) to exposed these inbred vile subspecies "trappers".

That beaver was killed offseason / poached and trappers ridiculed it by saying BEAVER BIRTH CONTROL.
The topic on it was axed down when I took it and used it AGAINST trappers. This is the reason why I wish trappers to die of cancer, accidents and other disasters because they are ZOOSADISTICS and evil people.

This fisher was poached / offseason killed. Hick trappers said you've taken this animal offseason to this filthy horrible human being subspecies Redbonechick who took it offseason and even made a smile in her thread.

Stupid inbred hick trappers will use toothed traps if they allow them which prove trappers are NOT compassionate people.

NOTE: The link doesn't work to hunt101. Picture is several years old. But still it prove trappers are NOT compassionate, as if they allow toothed traps THEY WILL USE THEM. Some wants to unban them from states that toothed traps are banned. They claim is "humane" It sickens me when hicks using words without knowing what it means just like a damn parrot and worst thing is ENGLISH is their dang native language.

His hick gallery
Like I say trappers WILL use toothed traps if they allow it. This is from Maine and Ohio was a mistake. Bte Ohio is till one of the WORST state in the universe just like Alaska (that AK allows toothed traps).

Trappers are just as bad as savage caveman.

Thread is different because it was axed and reput without his stupid story.
SOURCE - THREAD AXED but later reposted without the stupid dumb story.
NO that coyote wasn't shot but the trapper threw a rock on its head like a vilish savage. I will prove you.
Here is his idiotic story.
Returning home from a day of cutting firewood on tuesday, I saw a coyote
cross the road in front of me. When I got to where he had crossed, I saw that he
was just past some juniper trees, and close to the road still. I grabbed my
trusty old 30-06, and got out to try a shot. I missed my 1st shot, but the
coyote still wasn't very wild, so I waited, and when he came into view again, at
about 100 yards, I shot. This time he went down in a pile. I decided that it
might be worth it to skin him, so I put the rifle away, looked at my 22 pistol,
and thought, I don't need to pack that up the hill. I walked to where I thought
he was, and didn't see him, so I just figured that I walked to the wrong rock
pile. I started walking back down the hill looking around for him, and saw him
piled up behind a sagebrush. As soon as I saw him, I said outloud to myself, I
wonder if he will be worth skinning? As soon as I said that, he raised his head,
looked at me, and took off running! Not knowing what else to do, I picked up a
softball sized rock, and threw it. beaned him right in the head and knocked him
down. A couple more well placed rocks, and I took him home and skinned him.

Thread got axed but this dumb hick repost it without the story of killing it and they didn't remove it.

Now how trappers dispatch animals?
This hick loser Dean Minor who been sending me disgusting pictures of how he kills animals will be expose.
NO I will NOT blur his face because he is also a poacher too. Poachers has less rights than people remember?
ACTUALLY POACHERS HAVE NO RIGHTS!!! This homophobic hick sent me these shocking emails.
This hick goes in random ARA and vegan site and post disgusting pictures of dead animal and his bigotry.
NOW the hate mails from this coward and animal-hating bigot. I will show ALL the headers.

Also this poacher surely wouldn't do that in my face because probably I would be charged with manslaughter.
This hick started I have NEVER emailed him, never knew him, never saw him nor heard of him. He started it.

Hate emails and death threats emails from trappers

Hate email 1; is a forwarder on my site that stands for Anti-National Trappers Association.

go fuck yourself
Saturday, January 1, 2011 1:33 AM
From dean minor Sat Jan 1 06:33:02 2011
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i hate all you fags

I can guarantee he skinned some animals ALIVE. People like that are an early symptoms of becoming like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer who started by animal abuse and endup killing human beings. People like that should either face the death penalty or be used for a more usefull purpose human testing.

Hate email 2; is a forwarder on my site that stands for Anti-National Trappers Association.

[ No Subject ]
Monday, January 3, 2011 11:26 PM
From dean minor Mon Jan 3 20:26:27 2011
X-Apparently-To: via; Mon, 03 Jan 2011 20:26:39 -0800
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This email doesn't contain message only picture of this inbred hick. I proxified myself and bashed the crap to his useless religion and sent him death threats. People like that simply don't deserve to live. Why say the weak and coward dies and strong survive?. This is how population maintain a strong gene pool but this hick is a WEAK and ruined gene pool.
Hate email 3; is a forwarder on my site that means to end trapping.

Friday, October 21, 2011 6:05 AM
From dean minor Fri Oct 21 03:05:00 2011
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Subject: Hey
dean minor <>
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This is deanminor35 u know the video u fags love. I shot it........and in just a few weeks here in monticello iowa ill make some more of them and post them..........fuck all u anti trapping bitches!
Dean minor is a hermit, sociopath, poacher, criminal, stalker and psychopathic...

Source (HERE)
About deanminor35
Location monticello
Interests fishing,trapping
Occupation tree trimmer

So he is from Iowa, USA according to wiki for Monticello.
Trappers admitted they wouldn't kill dogs because they love dogs but they kill wildlife because they hate wildlife. We NEVER kill what we love, especially killing for sport because is pure sadism killing animals for sport (HERE)

Coyotes, Wolves and cougars.......forever!
Source (HERE)
Is trapping and snaring animals defensible?....Trapping, due to its indiscriminate nature, violates the first rule of hunting: Be sure of your target....... Traps and snares will not only kill wolves but catch, injure and kill any species that encounters them, including pets;sensitive, endangered, protected and game species as well............Not much has changed since Charles Darwin in 1863 commented about trapped animals, "it is scarcely possible to exaggerate the suffering thus endured from fear, from acute pain, maddened by thirst, and by vain thus endured from fear, from acute pain, maddened by thirst, and by vain attempts to escape."
Trapping indefensible, cruel to wildlife and pets alike
It is not surprising the Ravalli County Commissioners did not solicit input
from Footloose Montana along with other groups they called upon in what they
say is the creation of a large predator control position paper. To quote
from the Missoulian, Oct. 21, "Ravalli County commissioners to write 'living
with wolves' policy," Ravalli County Commissioner Matt Kanenwisher says,
"Trapping is a prime target for something we'd advocate for."

Perhaps there is a lack of awareness or concern that thousands of
steel-jawed leg-hold traps, body-crushing Conibear traps and throat-choking
snares are already legally set on Montana's public lands - all year long.
From trappers' voluntary reports, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks estimates
trappers kill about 40,000-50,000 animals each year - animals they target
for trapping. No one really knows. There is no license required and no
trapping limit for most species.

Trapping, due to its indiscriminate nature, violates the first rule of
hunting: Be sure of your target. Traps and snares will not only kill wolves
but catch, injure and kill any species that encounters them, including pets;
sensitive, endangered, protected and game species as well. Footloose Montana
promotes trap-free public lands for people, pets and wildlife (www.footloose
, and on Facebook).

.In the past, it was trapping campaigns that drove wolves to the edge of
extinction. What about the other species? Trapping is a contributing, if not
leading, cause of the depletion of fishers, otters, lynx, marten and
wolverines. Swift foxes have been reintroduced twice as a result of trapping
for wolves and coyotes. Wolverines all but disappeared in the lower 48
states by the early 1900s due to poisoning and trapping targeted at wolves,
coyotes and other predators. Montana is the only state that still allows the
legal trapping of wolverines, which are now on the candidate list for
endangered species.

Animals can legally remain stuck in traps and snares for an indefinite
period of time as there is no required trap check in Montana. Trapping a
lone male wolverine during its search for a mate over large territories
compromises the species and the limited gene pool. Inevitable deaths of
offspring occur with the trapping of animal mothers.

Scientific studies show trapped animals suffer from fear, anxiety and
physical pain. They suffer dehydration, starvation, predation, severe
swelling, lacerations, dislocations, broken teeth and bones. Some freeze to
death while exposed to the elements. Some chew or twist off their paws in
order to escape. Not much has changed since Charles Darwin in 1863 commented
about trapped animals, "it is scarcely possible to exaggerate the suffering
thus endured from fear, from acute pain, maddened by thirst, and by vain
attempts to escape."

While enjoying the outdoors, one shouldn't have to experience the
traumatizing event of a pet getting injured or even killed as these
tragedies occur every season. Many Montanans' enjoyment of public lands has
been tainted by the fear of these hidden undisclosed landmines. Some report
haunting experiences finding an otter's paw, a trapped marten dangling from
a tree, a dead fawn caught in a snare, a trapped mountain lion with its dead
cub at its side or their futile attempts to free their trapped dying pet.

In 2010, 34,586 signatures were obtained from Montana voters for a trap-free
public land ballot initiative. Ravalli County was one of the 34 districts
that qualified the ballot. However, the statewide initiative fell short by
only 1,500 qualified signatures.

More people are now educated about the indefensible cruelty, conservation
and safety concerns of trapping for people, pets and wildlife. "Living with
wolves" and recommending trapping is an oxymoron. Many Montanans do not want
more trapping, they want less or none at all.

Footloose Montana strongly opposes the recreational trapping of all
wildlife. We stand behind former trapper and renowned wildlife biologist
Chuck Jonkel's statement, "The days of trapping are over. It is now time to
preserve wildlife."

Anja Heister writes on behalf of the Footloose Montana board of directors.


Trappers opposes the offshore drilling ban even after the BP disaster. You can see the angry face.
Trappers equals to trash of the world and they will burn garbage on Earthday check this HERE.
Trappers would even ABUSE their pets and say nothing but if opposite side does it they'd cry to look good.
My stance and view on trapping
I vehemently oppose trapping. Trapping is cruel and sadistic, it is WORST than hunting. Trapping has ZERO fair chase and animal cannot retreat, trapping prove our species cowardice and weakness. People saying we evolve this are STUPID EGOISTICAL HICKS. People calling animals "resources" are subhumans. They are inferior species. If a trapper is endangered I wouldn't save their lives even if they pay me millions. I want millions but I'd rather watch a trapper burning where they belong THEIR HELL.
Also trappers lack in emotions and are very apathetic because they always say ARA is emotion based.
To me people lacking in emotions are subspecies and they have less rights than other humans.
I'd value the life of a mouse before the life of trappers because they are zoosadist scum bag pigs and they are subspecies. Horrible human being relying on their pathetic speciesism religion called Christianity.
Trappers are very egocentric and evil people who lies to the public and advocate poachers, they are larvae of poachers because if you anger them they will threaten to harm an endangered species and poaching is taken seriously and should be taken seriously. Anyone poach deserves to be shot, tortured and brutally killed. Poaching is worst than rape but still rapists deserve to be execute. Poaching is worst because it can commit genocide to another species. People threatening to poach no matter their age should be shot dead. I agree with the thing in Africa they allow conservationists to SHOOT poachers dead. People who oppose it can screw themselves. Some trappers are poachers for real who illegally catch offseason and endangered species. These people should be shot dead or used for human experimentation because they are more than horrible people. If people makes joke they gonna poach to piss off an ARA they put themselves to the level of the poachers, I had many hick foolish trappers threatening to poach because of my ARA (civil) views.
Trappers obsess on trapping to the point they live on their forums even offseason and does repetitive activity, joins many forums about 1 thing. Trapping and they become short tempered people with reaction formation because of overexposure to animal abuse also trappers are sociopath, hermit and selfish people.
Reasons of trapping is profit, pleasure, fashion, sport and cruelty. We have alternative like fake furs.
Trappers will OPPOSE non-ARA conservationist such as Earthwatch, WWF etc because they don't support trapping. They don't support nor oppose it (neutral). Hick trappers will only support something what exploits animals even if they are poachers such as IWMC who wants to take the critically endangered hawksbill turtle etc. They are deeply Christian and young Earth creationists. Also hunting that claims to be conservationist only help if they can hunt or manipulate natural cycle. They will NOT help non-huntable places such as hotspots and places that has endangered species only WWF and Earthwatch will help saving the endangered species. It prove hunters and trappers don't give a crap about wildlife but caring for money.
Also trappers are always fighting with hunters especially hunters with a hound proving these inbred hicks cannot get along with their own kind. No wonder why sportsmen are hillbillies because they fight eachothers.
You can see what kind of short temper these people has at THE VINTAGE INBRED ZONE sometime of a libelous black comedy page making fun of trappers also it can be rather as somekind of a satire based page.

Trapping for food?
I oppose it because is cruel, foot hold/leg hold traps are way too cruel to be accepted in today's society.
We have guns for hell sake. Guns are more humane compare to traps and animals in trap cannot escape.
Which is unfair. If people wanna eat in the wild GET A DAMN GUN!!!!!. Or don't go in the wild at all.

Using traps to relocate?
Most conservationist and or people who relocate animals to a diff location uses cage traps or box traps with holes. Almost like those box you use when you buy a cat or small dog. I watched wildlife show ALL my freaken life and they've NEVER used foot hold/leg hold traps. People using them are sadistic and cheap who care to save money than providing a quality of transportation for wildlife. Besides foot hold / leg hold traps causes bloody injuries or non visible bruises because is under the fur. Animals get more traumatized in foot hold / leg hold traps than cage trap because when something holds their limb they panic to death.

Do you have friends that are trappers?
Nope and don't want. If I catch any of my friends trapping no matter how long I knew them I will hate their guts to death and NEVER forgive them. I really condemn zoosadism and cruelty toward animals. I won't feel sad nor regretting from ditching them. Because I am not an emo or someone showing compassion toward sadistic people.

In conclusion ANYONE trapping, supporting trapping or endorsing trapping deserves to die from cancer because they are EVIL and sadistic opinionated egocentric sub-people, Any hunters who shoot them accidently they deserve it because I find it entertaining that a hunter shoots a hunter or trapper accidentally. I have no problems saying sadistic and remorseless things toward sadistic people. Nothing wrong with saying that to the bad guys. Why people wish the worst to a convicted drunk driver who killed someone? Why want rapists dead?
Is called HATING evil people. I am a diehard Anti-Christian and I HATE MY ENEMIES not loving them.
Reasons why trappers are bad people, shouldn't be trusted and only sane people believe trappers are evil.
Note: this can grow anytime.
Made a similar page of why trappers should be HATED (HERE).

01. Is bad enough they hide dispatching methods because they are ashamed of their sports and we all know
methods are INHUMANE.

02. Trappers are zoosadists and care for profit because they drown animals, whack animals and stomp them
to maximize pelt value. They rarely use guns.

03. Animal struggle for <24 to >72 hours depend laws. The thing of looking calm is a myth and a lie. Reality is
the animal are exhausted to DEATH. Big circle of dirt prove it. Also watched a trapping video from
Jonathan and animal struggle for nearly an hour. Later he hidden his video because was cruel.

04. Trappers support all sort of animal cruelty even the one banned in their countries.

05. Trappers are short tempered, angers easily, become poachers, harass people who hate trapping. They
don't care because they are very apathetic. They value trapping above their own live and some even
become poachers if trapping were banned.

06. They cheat polls and extremely dishonest people.

07. They have NO compassion toward animals.

08. We have hunting and why trapping when is far more inhumane than hunting with a gun? Simple because
of profit.

09. Trappers are very bad people they blame animals instead of ARA when ARA annoys them because they
are coward and seeks for the weak. Which proves they hate animals.

10. They are ecoterrorist because they terrorize the eco world / nature. Don't say ecoterrorist are ARA
because they DEFEND ECO not TERRORIZE IT. ARA are rather HumanoTerrorists or for a word that
exists Eco-Activists some of them. They are actually not terrorist but rather like a video I heard, they are
FREEDOM fighters. I do not advocate destruction of someone else property unless they destroy
yours first.

11. Trappers uses religion to harm other animals which is just as stupid as saying I follow some voices in my
head to hurt people or animals. Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy followed voiced in their heads, hurted
animals and then later they murdered people the most disgusting way ever such as cannibalism, necrophilia
and masturbation over dead bodies.

12. Trappers are liars and don't have the decency to tell the truth, they value their sport above morality
and humanity.

13. Trappers are paranoid, alarmist, hermits, sociopath, psychopath and egocentric.

14. They don't care for the environment nor wildlife and nor humans because they are anti-environment,
right-wing hicks with no education.

15. Trappers will use toothed traps if they allow it which prove they rather make animal suffer more also some
wants to legalize toothed traps and extend waiting time before dispatch if they make their own laws.

16. Trappers are NOT conservationist they are uneducated hicks who often doesn't know what a certain
animal is and keep their money for themselves plus donate to NTA to make expensive scam movie using
drugged or mostly tamed animals with loosely set traps.

17. Trapping never changed and still cause blooded paws or hidden bruises under the animal's fur. Once when I
exposed it Paul Dobbins didn't delete the pic he cut edited it. Now he deletes them.

18. Trappers are very apathetic subspecies.

19. They will hate what you like if they hate you, even stuff you like that has NOTHING to do with trapping
nor ARA.

20. If you hate trapping they will use your hobby against you to slander and calling you a terrorist if you're a pyrotechnic. Funny thing is if a trapper does firework or bomb as a hobby not destruction they will say
NOTHING to them doing it nor calling them terrorist because they trap. Only to nontrappers which prove
they are selfish.

21. Trappers USES people, if someone wear fur they like them. If the person decide to not wear fur they will
hate them but if they rechange and rewear fur they will like him again. Also if they like someone's product
or a store product they will hate them if they oppose fur or advocate animal welfare because is obvious that
trappers have NO animal welfare only cruelty and sadistic bloodsport.

22. If you love an animal example loving the tiger to death and SOME trappers who get offended by you or
because you hate trapping "they value trapping above ALL, remember that", They will say I will wipe the
tiger, I will sell tiger skin etc. They will hate the species because of you. That is really wrong. In my opinion
people like that should die. Commiting genocide toward a species is WORST than killing 99.99% of the
human race. Species existence is infinitely more value than human's species in my opinion. Hey we wiped
many species already why should I value an egoistical species above an innocent species? (HERE) for
more. That is just my views but the thing trappers says they will or wish a species go extinct because they
hate you have a serious mental problem or they should be shot because is more unacceptable than killing a
person. Wiping out a species is WORST than killing a person. And again it doesn't mean I will go out and
search that person and kill him. It is just an OPINION not KILLING or an attempt.
I am NOT a killer.

Trapperman trapping unethical poaching poach threat threats animal cruelty zoosadist zoosadism paul dobbins tyrant
obsession repetitive sociopath hermit people animal rights abuse trappers NTA cult religion christianity anthropocentric humanocentric
speciesism homocentrism homocentric homocentricity inbred adam & eve dispatching ashamed to be a trapper drowning stomping beating
clubbing pro-animal use shooting animal cruety cruel torture torturing genocide genociding non human non humane methods inhumane barbaric
Footloose Montana pet protection HSUS PETA ARA animal rights moral issues
live market live-market canned hunts